Tourist agency "ArgoTour Batumi" offers you a one-day trip for participants of the JAPMED'11 on three routes (optional):
1. Batumi (review excursion) - Batumi Botanical Garden. Trip duration is 3-4 hours.
Botanical Garden... Green Land
Introducing Batumi
2. Batumi (review excursion) - mountainous Adjara. Trip duration is 5-6 hours.
Mountainous Adjara
3. Batumi (review excursion) - Machakhela valley.Trip duration is 6-7 hours.
Adventure Excursion in Machakhela Gorge
Depending on the number of participants, the cost per person is 25-30 $ (equivalent in GEL).
The cost of excursion includes:
1) English-language guide service
2) Group leader service
3) Cost of comfortable carriage
4) Cost of entry tickets for excursion facilities